Answer His Call


Today Pastor Ralph finishes our Fall Sermon Series: Finding our Purpose - Seven Messages from Jesus - Lesson #7

Jesus is calling you to follow Him. You have a divine purpose, a reason for your existence. At the very same time, Jesus has a call on us together to follow Him. He has a divine purpose for our community of believers at West Side. Aligning with our purpose is both life giving and world changing, because God’s purpose for us is cosmic in scope even as it is intimately personal. I believe Jesus wants to lead you into a life where you experience a profound sense of fullness and peace. It is the feeling of things fitting together the way they are supposed to. It is a feeling of passion but also assurance. It is the feeling of knowing, “this is what I was made for!” In this series of talks, we are going to discuss seven messages of Jesus that he spoke to congregations that we were facing pressure and sometimes even persecution. In the midst of the pressure Jesus called them to trust him by living a certain kind of life.  The life he calls us to live, is one where individually and together, we choose God’s call and purpose.

There are no sermon notes for this series.