Encouraging Community


In this series, we are going to look at this wonderful gift with all of its challenges and problems, but with a decidedly optimistic view. We really do need to embrace our church family if we want to experience the life God has given us. This week's topic is "Praying".

Churches have buildings, but churches are not their buildings. The church is very much God’s idea, but it is also God’s gift. When Jesus saves us into life, he joins us into a family. While the family of God is spread out across centuries and around the world, the Church takes on flesh in an actual community of people who gather to share life together. The church can be and is called to be a little bit of heaven on earth. Let me remind you that this is God’s idea. But. Sometimes, we broken people actually struggle to get along, and yet this seems to be part of God’s idea as well. We are called to work out our salvation, and the most obvious way we are to do that is in community.

There will be no sermon notes during the summer.