Youth Deputation 2022


Progressive Mission Trip: Youth Deputation 2022

With the opportunity to return back to some of our normal rhythms, the youth leadership team planned to pick up where we left off with our Deputation plans. We had planned the summer of 2020 to be a trip to the Yakama Nation and this is what we presented to students in January 2022. What we discovered was little interest so we pivoted, asking the question, “What will help spark some life into the ministry?” We came up with a “Progressive Mission Trip.” Instead of going to one place and serving for a week, we spent a week traveling to numerous places and partnering with various churches and organizations to make a difference in their respective communities. Today, you’ll get to hear from the kids about their experiences, who we partnered with, the ways God used the kids to be a blessing, and the ways that God grew each of us. We truly were Blessed to be a Blessing.

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