Good Friday Worship Service | April 10 | 6 pm

Join us online for our Good Friday worship service at 6 pm focusing on Forgiveness with Patrick Grover.

If you could go back in a “time machine” to the first century and see Jesus at work, which event would you choose to see – firsthand?

Would your choice be an event from Holy week? Easter? Palm Sunday, maybe? I’m sure many of us might have hesitations to view Jesus’ death on a cross. However, Jesus’ death on the cross is truly the fulfillment of what God the Father had planned. God was working on the rescue plan for humanity, ever since the fall, in the Garden of Eden. How would you have reacted if you were there, seeing it all unfold? What is most amazing to me, is to see Jesus’ reaction to those who crucified Him. His demonstration of God’s mercy and love, poured out to us in this sublime prayer of forgiveness, is the epitome of God’s grace.

Amidst the ugly, horrific and despicable event of the cross; amidst our own sin and rebellion toward God – we see the most amazing display of love and forgiveness imaginable. It is offered to the most undeserving of us. How great is our God!